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"Luminous beings are we,
not this crude matter."
Yoda to Luke Skywalker, The Empire Strikes Back

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Han and Luke by Irene

Beings of light.

Heroes who embark upon grand quests armed only with extraordinary courage and unwavering belief in their Cause, and somehow manage to achieve the impossible. Heroes who are catalysts for change.

Consider Luke Skywalker.

Luke's journey delves deeply into the human heart and soul, and is the fabric of ageless myth. This hero has adventures, solves problems and accomplishes material goals, and in the process he is transformed by these experiences. More than anything, his is a voyage of self-knowledge, and the most profound of Luke's discoveries is the limitless power of love. Filial love that can redeem an apparently irredeemable father, or compassionate love that can spare the life of an enemy and thus vanquish evil. Love that inspires devotion, sacrifice - and even passion - in others. Love that can transcend barriers of all kinds.

Luke indeed becomes a luminous being by the end of their respective quests, integrating his physicality and spirituality into a unified whole that is somehow greater than the sum of the individual parts. He is transcendent -- an enlightened visionary who endured fire, walked in shadow, and chose the light. Yet he is still made of matter, confined by his physical form and trapped within a lonely existence.

And what of his trusted companion Han Solo, who willingly joins the hero's quest? His journey is equally remarkable, or perhaps even more so, for he is inspired not by a cause but by faith in and abiding love for another person. Han sacrifices, suffers and endures, walks behind the hero and sometimes leads when strength flags. Han is also transformed, not by the quest itself, but by his connection to and feelings for Luke.

What is the price demanded for these heroic transformations? Heroes are both revered and feared for their accomplishments and heritage, but it seems they are condemned to be forever alone. For both hero and companion, there can be no return to what came before, regardless of their desire (and attempts) to be 'ordinary' again. That, unfortunately, is the nature of transformation. Where do they find someone who can comprehend their experiences, the process of transformation, their complex entireties? Who is left to see not only the hero, but the person behind the hero... other than themselves?

These are some of the questions explored in the pages of Luminous Beings.

Come, embark on your own Quest of Discovery.

Please note that this website contains written and illustrated material of an adult nature, including homoerotica (commonly known as "slash", both male/male and female/female). Individual stories are labeled as to material content and approximate maturity rating. You, gentle reader, must be above the legal age of consent in your locality to access the pages marked "adult".

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This site was created July 14, 2002 and is permanently under construction. Look for more art and fiction to come soon.
Last updated: February 22, 2004
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